Electorates storm INEC office for collection of PVCs (PHOTOS)

Prospective voters storm the Oshodi/Isolo Local Goverment's INEC office today for the collection of there permanent voters card (PVC), an activity which is stated to close today (8, Feb 2019).

Prospective voters got to the venue of collection very early so as to collect there PVCs and not been denied there right to Franchise.

However, the activity didnt start until 9am which made some of the electorates angry, and despite the heavy rain, the electorates were desperate to wait to get there PVCs.

When the activity fully started, there was a lot of pushing, struggling and even old women and nursing mothers were not left behind, all struggling to get there PVCs as they claimed they dont want to be disenfranchised.

However, some prospective voters expressed there displeasure at the conduct of the activity as one said the 'activity is not organised at all'.

Some other prospective electorates also expressed displeasure when the INEC officials said there PVCs were not ready as some saw this as a plot to disenfranchise them, and they are calling on INEC officials to do something about it.

During an interview with one Mr Olumide, he pleaded with INEC to continue the process next week so as to enable Nigerians collect there PVCs fully and exercise there franchise.


Electorates storm INEC office for collection of PVCs (PHOTOS) Electorates storm INEC office for collection of PVCs (PHOTOS) Reviewed by Kola Oyewole on February 08, 2019 Rating: 5


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