'To See Me, You Come To Class And Wait' - Female Futminna Best Graduating Student. READ FULL INTERVIEW

At the recent 28th convocation of the Federal University of Technology Minna, a female student Olanrewaju Ayobami Esther, emerged the overall best graduating student with a Grand CGPA of 4.88/5.0. She was a student of the department of Computer Engineering. Here's what she said to CampusDigestFutMx during an interview.

Correspondent: Can we meet you?

Esther: I am Olanrewaju Ayobami Esther, Yoruba by tribe and an indigene of kwara state from omugo/ oro-ago, ifelodun Local Government Area.

Correspondent: Did you started Federal university of Technology Minna, as a jambite or you did their foundational studies and
Was it your desired course you ended up studying?

Esther: I started with Jamb and it was not until after my fourth attempt was i given an admission. Yes! They gave me what I wanted to study.

Correspondent: Did you stayed on campus or off campus during the course of your undergraduate studies?

Esther: I stayed in the hostel all through, although I was A squatter from year 1 to year 4. I only got bed space in 500level.

Correspondent: what made this feat easy for you to achieve?

Esther: It was God, hard work and I was surrounded by good people. I was in 4 units in church, And I took tutorials.

Correspondence: I can see you’re a very beautiful lady and I know there must have been distractions. How were you able to overcome all the boys wahala in that school.

Esther: I am very serious minded person and I Have learnt to separate relationship from academics; I don’t take love to the heart to an extent that won’t allow me to read. Love is separate, book is separate, any guy that wants to see will have to come to the class and would wait. I don’t have time for visitations except the ones that I know is important to my goal’s attainment.

Correspondent: Did you by any chance ever get a second class in any of the semesters?

Correspondent: From my 100 till date I have had 4 Bs and 2cs. The least cgpa I have had is 4.75, so I have never finished any semester with a second class.

Correspondent: Wow
This is amazing.

Correspondent: Sorry for going into your personal life but do you have a boyfriend, during the course of your study.

Esther: I have a lot of friend, really nice friends and they came out as top in their respective departments. Alufa Samson was overall best student in civil, Moses Solomon was overall best student in electrical. Supreme was overall best student in telecommunications and my department best friend is second first class we have in my department.

Esther: We are only two first class in my departments The other friends I have are best programmers, hardware engineers and very good analytical minds such as abass, dims, bawa, chi, Samtech electrical, and I can keep mentioning names.

Esther: My best female friend is ifunanya, She is very good in reading courses and she practically taught me all through, and she inspires me to read.

Esther: I have good associations and they helped me attain my success

Esther: One of my good friend lovett taught the trick of e-exams. Lucky aloye taught me engineering drawing and he is one of the best people I know in terms of technical drawing.

Correspondent: This is very very paramount.

Correspondent: So what are your plans in the labour market.

Esther: If I may point out a flaw am not going to a labour market I am going out to a favour market. I believe I will help advance the market and bring technology to people’s doorsteps.

Esther: I am a believer and I think positively, I hope to use my leadership and managerial skills to advance anywhere I am.

Correspondent: Where you expecting to be the best graduating student?

Esther: I have always wanted to be the best of myself and I was willing to accept anywhere it leads me. All I wanted was not to blame myself for never trying.

Correspondent: Where you emotional when you were called out?

Esther: Not really. I felt normal. I believe the real hustle just began. “To whom much is given, much more is expected”.

Correspondent: Much more is really expected.

Correspondent: The entire campusdigest team is very grateful for the audience granted to us, we wish you success in all your endeavour.

'To See Me, You Come To Class And Wait' - Female Futminna Best Graduating Student. READ FULL INTERVIEW 'To See Me, You Come To Class And Wait' - Female Futminna Best Graduating Student. READ FULL INTERVIEW Reviewed by Kola Oyewole on February 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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