Five Things You Should Not Wear To A Job Interview

Five Things You Should Not Wear To A Job Interview

These are some of the things you should not wear to a job interview in order to boost your chances.

A good part of getting a job is making a good impression and a good part of making a good impression is how you dress for the interview.

While considering what to wear to a job interview matters most, it is also important to consider what not to wear to make the best impression.

* Keep bright or flashy colors to a minimum:

The best color for an interview outfit is black or neutral. Wearing bright colors to an interview is acceptable, if it correctly represents your personality. It is also important to consider the type of job you are interviewing for when checking out your outfits. There are lots of colors that are less dramatic that work well for business organisations.

* Be careful of casual clothing:

It is not appropriate to wear a shorts T-shirts, tops, wristbands, head phones, hats and jeans to a job interview even when the weather is not conducive. Different organizations have their own dress codes and it is important to shop wisely and plan ahead.

* Bold or flashy Jewelries:

Men and women should keep accessories to a minimum. Ladies should avoid wearing flashy necklaces or large sunglasses. It is important for men to be mindful of cufflinks, tie clips and belts which make you look professional.

* Do not overdo your makeup:

While it’s important to look to your best, loading on makeup is not the best way to go about it. Keep your look natural, avoiding dark shadow, bright lipstick or heavy foundation.

* Clothes that do not fit:

It is very necessary to wear clothes that fit for an interview. If your outfit is too small, it can distract the discussion at hand and emphasize on issues that shouldn’t be professional. The same goes for clothes that are too big, everything matters including your overall appearance.

Source: The Nation

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