Six things you need to start doing in 2020

2020 has started already and we all from 2019 have had plans of how we want our 2020 to be and what we hope to achieve in this new year...

 Some people have set very huge dreams and some other people have set little dreams, whichever is the case, here are some things you need to start doing in 2020 and you need to start TODAY:::

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1. Start Praying like never before:

2020 is a year that no human has ever witnessed before now, and so we need to cultivate the habit of Prayer this year, Since you are new to the year, its only God that knows what the year has in stock for you, so you need to 'Pray to God to go before you and make every crooked part straight for you'

Prayer still does wonders. The equation of a balanced 2020 and 2020 you hope for sure contains 'Prayer' so don't shy away from it.

2.Talk less and think more:

 The more you talk, the less you think, this 2020, you need to cultivate the habit of listening and thinking more than you talk, if you calculate the man-hour lost having some unnecessary conversation in 2019 and you convert them to useful work or thinking that yield results, maybe you might not be where you are now.

3. Empower yourself; 

Empowerment makes one a Job creator and not job seeker, in this new year, you need to empower yourself, learn a trade/skill that can empower you, no matter how little the trade(empowerment) might seem, Learn one and learn it well this year and start up a small enterprise and you will discover you are soon on the way to becoming employer of labor,

4. Discover your talent and improve it: 

There is a talent embedded in you, there is something deposited in you, a natural skill or aptitude, whether singing, dancing, playing football, broadcasting, etc, please do discover this and improve on it... Don't think because your talent is 'dancing', but you want to become a doctor, so you need to neglect your talent.. No, please do discover it and improve on it.. it might pave a way for you in 2020.

5. Avoid Procrastination TOTALLY: 

Oh i will do it tomorrow? Oh i will do it next year?, avoid it totally this year, ensure you do anything you want to do NOW!. Don't wait for the rain to fall before you sow, but instead, DO IT NOW!!!

6. Take a good risk: 

RISK RISK RISK!!! Alot of us are scared of taking risk, ohh mehn I cant do it, I dont want to waste my money, Tade did it and it failed and a lot more talk have made some persons remain in the same spot. Truth is, you need to take a risk this year, STARTUP THAT BUSINESS, Buy that House, do that Business NOW.

Thank you for READING! Share your thoughts and add more in the comment section

Written by Kola Oyewole

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