#OkadaBan: 5 People Who Will Become Richer from Sanwo-Olu’s Policy

There have been so much buzz about the ban of commercial motorcycles and keke napep by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu which came into effect a few days ago.

I’ve read in the news, hear on radio and television the hardship the Sanwo-Olu’s policy has brought millions of Lagos residents. We’re all humans and that’s expected.

But do you know that some people are making thousands of naira daily since the ban came into effect on February 2?

So, who are these people who want the ban to remain? Why do they want it remain? And what exactly are they doing that make them smile to the bank everyday like never before?

1) private car owners. I was at a canteen somewhere around Allen roundabout yesterday where I was discussing the issue with some guys. One of them said his friend who has a Toyota Sienna has temporarily turned it to kabukabu (temporary public transport system).

According to him, his friend convey stranded passengers from Allen roundabout to Opebi roundabout. He charged N100 per passenger, carrying 10 at a trip. That’s N2000 to and fro.

“He did this very early before going to work. The first day, he told me he made N11,000, the second day he came earlier and made N14, 000.”

Would the lucky man who made N25,000 within two days in less than 12 hours want okada ban to be lifted? I’d leave the answer for you.

2.) public transporters. They’ve all increased transport fare since the okada ban came into effect. For instance, from Guiness junction to Allen Roundabout which used to be N50 is now N100. This is applicable to all other major routes in Lagos where the ban has taken effect.

Danfo driver and what have you are all smiling to the banks at this time. And they are possibly singing the praises of Babajide Sanwo-Olu. And you’d probably hear them sycophancilly say“Eko onibajo” Literally means “Lagos will never spoil.”

3.) shoe seller. Yes you read that right. Are you wondering how they would be richer?

Here is the logic behind it. The longer the distance you trek with your shoe, the faster it’d wear out which would culminate into making another purchase.

Compared to a situation where you leave office and jump right on top of Gokada, max.ng or Oride before the ban, you’ll have to trek longer distance now. Your pair of shoes wears out faster and you’re forced to make another purchase, at least to look good to the office.

Shoe sellers will be one of those that will be richer from Sanwo-Olu’s policy.

4.) Pharmacies. Ooh, you think trekking a weird and unusual long distance is an exercise, wait till you do that for a week, most especially when it’s strange to your body.

At this time, Lagos residents would likely flood pharmacies fondly called “chemist” to buy paracetamol or body pain.

5.) Finally, the ban means more sales for table water/pure water seller. Let me give you an instance, on Monday, I had to trek from Guinness junction en route Mouka road down to Allen for me to get to the office.

I was dehydrated and had to purchase N50 table water to continue with my journey. That’s just a case study. Someone said he trekked from Allen to Ketu.

I’ve noticed more table/pure water sellers on routes where they’re rarely found before the ban. It’s a good time for them to make more money from Sanwo-Olu’s ban of Okada and keke napep.

Can we really say there is bad policy? Considering the fact that lots of people make millions while others suffer.

Are you affected by the ban? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

#OkadaBan: 5 People Who Will Become Richer from Sanwo-Olu’s Policy #OkadaBan: 5 People Who Will Become Richer from Sanwo-Olu’s Policy Reviewed by Kola Oyewole on February 07, 2020 Rating: 5

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