Talks with Kola Oyewole - Episode 2 - WHY COMPARE WHEN YOU CAN JUST ENJOY THE MOMENT.

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Today, we will talk about something different and I want you to sit down and enjoy...


It is so evident amidst people to try to compare two individuals or more who are doing good at a particular thing and this has always caused an uproar on the internet as internet sensations argue and argue and compare why they feel one person is better than the other.. Hmmmmm. Your reading might actually be guilty of this, am I right???

I will list out the people mostly compared:


These two great footballers are mostly compared amongst football fans, you will hear things like 'Who is the G.O.A.T - Greatest of all time??? and people would start comparing, arguing, some would talk of career goals, individual dribbles, some even created a theory that 'Messi is talented, but Ronaldo is hard-working' very very funny and interesting talk...

Well, I will be back to conclude them.


'The 2 greatest of all time' As said by Davido.
These two have maintained a lead in the Nigerian music industry, and as thus their fans have rivaled them, Davido FC vs Wizkid FC has always been on the trend for a long time.

The fans of Davido and Wizkid argue always, you hear things like 'Wizkid is better' 'Davido doesn't have a good voice' 'Davido helps people' 'Wizkid started from the bottom' and stuff like that, there was a time this two had a fight, but it was however settled in the most iconic of ways when the two brought themselves to perform at there both concerts in 2017.. It was an iconic moment asin....


This moment really made fans excited, in fact I was so excited seeing these two reunited again.

But, the fans never stopped the rivalry as they still kept arguing about them every time lool

One very funny part to note was earlier in the year when one Davido fan and Wizkid fan got engaged in a very heated argument that led to one of them being hospitalized as a result of the other breaking bottle on his head... It is funny right???...

Davido and Wizkid were in their various homes catching fun and you put there matter for head and landed yourself in the hospital


How well did you laugh, watching that video, cause I'm still laughing here... Lmaoooooooooo


Right from the BBNaija's house, these two had always been at loggerhead with each other, that a fight between the two of them landed one of them to be disqualified from the house.

Their fans have not ceased to argue, fight, speak dirty of each other on social media...

It was once reported that Tasha fans agreed to open fake accounts to help Tacha be the first to get to 1Million followers ahead of Mercy, very funny

The fans got names for themselves Tasha Fans are found called 'TITANS' while Mercy fans are fondly called 'Mercenaries'... Interesting Right!!!!

My conclusion on all of them is that this individual mentioned above are special people and now that there are on top, we need to enjoy the moment,

C. Ronaldo and Messi are playing footballs and doing wonders with the ball, it will definitely get to a time where this two would have retired and not play again, so now that they are playing and surprising us, doing skills we should enjoy the moment,  we should love them both, we should refrain from comparison instead focus on what this two can do especially.

Even the musicians (Davido and Wizkid), remember, there was a time this two were not even in the limelight and the people in the limelight then arent there anymore,

Change is the only constant thing, so now that these two are winning, enjoy their song, both of them sing good songs, enjoy them, appreciate them and enjoy the moment instead of carrying hatred for one, because you love the other... You can love the two of them equally, you know...



In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, worship centers (Church and mosque) have been closed and they all have embraced the 'Online worshipping' method which has been quite effective since it started...

The irony is that, most worshippers have now been accustomed to this online services that in fact in a recent survey I took, it was crystal clear that most worshippers (especially Christians) feel this online worship is actually worth it and they even hope to embrace it post COVID.

This means that some churches or mosques with large worshippers might witness low turnout Post COVID.

Sam Adeyemi, the senior pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre, says the church will not remain the same again when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

In a live chat with BBC Yoruba recently the clergyman said the novel coronavirus has had significant effect on the church.

According to him, some churches with huge numbers may witness a significant reduction in their services after the pandemic as many of them might decide to worship God from the comfort of their homes.

In his words,

That’s an issue I have pondered upon several because the church may not be the same again after this COVID-19 experience. As you can see, many people have been receiving messages via online broadcast from their homes. It’s no longer like before that they have to be physically present in churches,” he said.

“Now that many have been used to worshiping God from the comfort of their rooms, will they go to church when COVID-19 is finally over? Many Christians may also feel relaxed on Sundays when they usually go to church.”

Adeyemi also said the COVID-19 outbreak has afforded many Christians the opportunity to evaluate the extent to which their churches actually care about them.

“Also, many Christians have started questioning the genuineness of their churches for them with little or no help coming their way during the pandemic period when hunger is holding sway,” he said.

The cleric said the pandemic should teach church leaders and those occupying political offices that there is a need to show humanity to one another if truly Nigeria hopes to grow.

I strongly agree with the Pastor's view.. God will have mercy on us....

Thank you for joining and reading,

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Talks with Kola Oyewole - Episode 2 - WHY COMPARE WHEN YOU CAN JUST ENJOY THE MOMENT. Talks with Kola Oyewole - Episode 2 - WHY COMPARE WHEN YOU CAN JUST ENJOY THE MOMENT. Reviewed by Kola Oyewole on May 24, 2020 Rating: 5


  1. Nice write up, excited for part 3

  2. Exactly! Competition and comparism doesn't help...We should celebrate every win, and work harder for each other

  3. Nice writing...����

  4. Great gist here. Fans that carry people's matter on their head will learn from this. Please look and pass. Your celebs don't even know you dear 😂.

  5. On the church matter, while you can serve God anywhere as a Christian, most people agree that the online service thingy is really not as effective as offline church. People can get real lazy to even join in or get easily distracted in the process. Advs and Disadvs.


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