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It is not like I like gist too much oooh, but I just want to tell you about this one cause its important you know

Cynthia Morgan Gist

Cynthia Morgan now Madriana is a Nigerian born singer and songwriter, I am sure you know her when she was balling, remember what I told you in the last edition about enjoying the moment, there was a time Cynthia Morgan was the rave of the moment.

Watch video of one of her songs, just in case you have forgotten this lady when she was balling...

So, as I was saying, Cynthia Morgan has been on hiatus for a while now. Like how it happens when a famous person disappears from the scene, Nigerians completely forgot about her.

Cynthia Morgan's story was restarted a day ago when she went on Instagram live with blogger Sandra of @upfrontwithsandra, In the video, Ms. Morgan looked visibly pale, nothing like the sassy diva we knew from 2007 up till 2017.

Recall, that Cynthia Morgan was signed into record label Northside Music Inc. (owned by PSquare’s older brother – Jude ‘Engees‘ Okoye) in 2013.

In the Live video, Cynthia Morgan made some revelation:

- She revealed that she has been sick for 6 good months, OH God and we didn't know.... and she has spent all her earnings on treatment.

- She revealed She suffered severe depression due to a downturn in her career but she never did drugs.

Cynthia Morgan revealed she had a disagreement with her record label which reportedly saw her losing all her entitlements and even her VEVO account

Cynthia Morgan also talked about Going Broke and hitting Rock bottom, Losing her stage name, Royalties, Instagram account, YouTube and Vevo account, etc all to A Record label contract with Psquares Brother Jude Okoye!!!

She also said that she didn't read the contract term, she just signed it and it affected her career...

This should also serve as a lesson to up and coming art, don't be in a hurry to sign a contract, ensure you read it, so it won't come back to haunt you... THINK OOOOO


Many of her fans were moved by her story and took to social media to campaign for her comeback using the hashtag #bringbackcynthiamorgan.

This led to a long thread of tweets about the one time Queen of Reggae Dance Hall.

A GoFundMe account has also been opened to fund her comeback to the entertainment scene.

Trust my Twitter NG people, there have reacted to this gist...

See some of the reaction below:

HMMMMM... Different people with different views though.

Well, the shocking but interesting thing happened again when Peter Okoye, Mr. P of the now-defunct group, P-square reacted to Cynthia Morgan's claim of his brother Jude Okoye.

According to him, many people thought he was stupid when he made the decision to leave his brothers. He added that his choice was the right decision as it was never about fame, money, or power but for his freedom. Peter urged Morgan never to give up as Karma would always prevail.

He wrote: “And some people thought I was stupid when I made the right decision [to leave Paul and Jude]. My dear C Morgan! it’s never too late to be what you might have been. God will surely see you through and carry you through the storm. Keep believing.

My dear C Morgan, The decision I made 3yrs ago was never about the [fame], money or power! It was for my FREEDOM! Sad you rejected the contract I gave u. Just because they made you see me as the bad egg. I pray you to understand that God has a purpose for everything. Never give up. The Truth shall prevail. God will surely see you through, C Morgan… Gnight.”

Mehnnnn, that is Jude Okoye's junior brother... Are you thinking what I am thinking...????

Well, the gist continued when MR MAYD (do you remember him) joined the discussion


The above is a video of May.D's song when he was balling........ Ile Ijooooooooo

May.D made some revelations too, he revealed that he did not gain anything when he was under the Jude Okoye's record label

MayD also said he was staying in there boys quarter with their driver and cook at the time and made some shocking revelations...

Check out:

Hmmmmm... Nawa ooohhhhh... Three people are saying almost the same thing against one person...

Well, Jude Okoye finally replies Cynthia Morgan, May D, and Peter (P Square) when he came on live with senior man, blogger Tundeednut. He replied to all the allegations against him by his former artist, Cynthia Morgan during an Instagram Live chat with blogger, Tunde Ednut. Earlier in the day, Morgan had become a trending topic for some of the things she said about Okoye in a chat with Vanessa Ogbebor.

Lemme summarize all he said, though I will still put out the full video

During the chat with Ogbebor, Cynthia Morgan intimated that she changed her name from Cynthia Morgan to Madrina because the contract she signed with Northside Entertainment precluded her from using that name. Okoye has now moved to debunk those claims.

He says, "Which law in the world fit make person stop dey answer name wey him mama and papa give am? I'm going to send you Cynthia Morgan's contract, it's a five-page document and when you see it, you can tell me where it says my company owns a right to her name. I didn't even prepare the contract, it was Cynthia Morgan and he former manager, Joy [Tongo] who prepared the contract."

Okoye then went further to say that his contract with Morgan ended in 2017 and whatever she's saying now is cooked up. Okoye also says that Morgan had started answering Madrina before leaving Northside Entertainment.

During the conversation, Okoye made it known that Cynthia Morgan owes him N40 million that he never recouped. Describing how some of that money was spent, he says he shot 13 videos for Morgan with each video worth N3 m, bought her the white Range, gave her money to buy land for her mother. Okoye also says that Morgan played secret shows and kept the money for herself.

On May.D's allegation, Earlier in the day, May D had words for Square Records and Jude Okoye. While we had thought that May D was signed to Square Records in May 2011, Engees Okoye says that May D was never signed. In fact, he says that May D left at the point Square Records offered him a contract. The angry Jude Okoye then cursed as he asked what people wanted him to do.

Okoye says that he treated May D like family and gave him rare privileges, but that May D wanted to live like P Square and that was not possible.

Tundeednut also asked him why Psquare broke up, and he said that the problems started when Peter wanted him out of P Square because he felt that Usher and Beyonce had succeeded without family figures. However, Paul disagreed and that was allegedly where the fight started.

Engees Okoye says that Peter and Paul have no issues, but that Peter has an issue with him.


Who we go believe now??? Hmmmmm, well me personally, I am waiting for Jude to send a copy of the contract to Tunde so Tunde can put it out for us to see.

Well, still on the Cynthia Morgans matter, her fans stormed twitter asking superstar, Davido to support and help her and forgive her., because (you know the internet never forgets, it's very important for you to avoid insulting people on social media), a video sufficed to show Cynthia Morgan calling Davido a 'Fuckboy'

Mehnnnnn, she said that when she was balling, she didn't know tomorrow... Lol

So, her fans called Davido on Twitter to forgive her and call for a studio session with her

The post got a lot of engagement and all and Davido reacted:

Can you see that...

Well, we don't know where it will all end...

So far so good, this is what we know about the story...

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