Talks with Kola Oyewole - Episode 5 - #TheMatter: Matters to settle

Hello Friends!

Welcome to another special episode of  'Talks with Kola Oyewole'...

Today, I will be jumping on a trending topic on social media, and I will be talking around the topic.'

#TheMatter has been trending on social media for some days now, and it has been really funny and entertaining

#TheMatter describes a bunch of hilarious issues across the country, some of which involve the recent controversies celebrities are involved in.

So, on today's episode, I will be revealing to you some funny matter from way back, and even till now that still needs to be settled or that has been settled. Let's just have FUN...



1. Instagram comedian, Cute Abiola got into trouble after using his Navy uniform to pose for birthday photoshoot.

This matter happened recently, when popular IG Comedian, Cute Abiola uploaded a photo with him on his navy uniform on his birthday.

Abiola who is an officer of the Nigerian Navy was arrested and detained by the Navy police for going against laid down rules and regulations.

The photo above is the photo that landed him in trouble, however Thankfully The Matter has been settled as he revealed that He is still in service...

So, my friends, we have settled that one. Lol

2.  Taxi driver fights two Law enforcement officials in Akure

In fact, we are still on this matter, because the matter is really long. Lol.

So, in Oja-Oba, Akure today, a taxi driver was seen fighting two law enforcement officials, well at the time of the filing of this report, I don't know what caused the fight, but I know this matter is really going to be Longggggggggggggggg.

For a Taxi driver to develop the boldness to fight two law enforcement agents, it is a serious matter....

See the Video here:  

Help us to settle this matter oooh...

3. Bop Daddy Challenge

This became a serious matter when three immigration officers joined the challenge and it almost landed them in trouble.

Well, for those that don't know what 'Bop Daddy Challenge' is -------

‘Bop Daddy’, a song by Falz, The challenge has been used to transform from a seemingly awkward look to a gorgeous outfit. Some men also made similar videos to relish the trend, which started when Falz released the Video.

Well, the trio immigration officers decided to join the challenge,

The women had recorded a video in which they used ‘Bop Daddy’, a recent song by Falz, to change themselves from their immigration uniform to casual outfit which they felt better projected their beauty...

This however landed them in trouble when the trio of Nigerian immigration officers are to face disciplinary action after the service concluded that a video they featured in constituted misconduct.

Well, the matter is longer than this ooooo, but Thankfully, the matter has been settled. Lol


4. Lady claimed Davido impregnated her, later came out to say it was a joke

It was a very serious matter last year when this lady and her supposed sister came on social media with a video and claimed that Davido impregnated her Lmaooooo, this video lasted over 11mins where she called on all bloggers to help publicize the news.

The funny thing is there were speaking phonetics Lmaooooo, claiming Davido impregnated her and he doesn't want to take responsibility. OMG, the matter was extra serious


OMG!!! The funny part is this video was released when Chioma was even carrying Davido's baby at the time, what a wrong timing for an expensive joke...!

Anyway, when Davido reacted, they fear and they dropped another video ---- Trust me to show you everything in details

LMAO!!! Did you see that???

All the phonetics went away almost immediately and they confessed that there were just joking... The matter for don go far ooo...

5. UNILAG lecturer involved in sex for grades scandal exposed 

Ahhhhh... This matter was very serious at the time, when a particular UNILAG lecturer, I don't want to mention the name, well you know him was exposed by his involvement in sex for grades scandals with a lot of videos to back it up, he even exposed some places in the school where some of the action took place.

The BBC African Eye took a bold step by planting videos on bodies of there agents and female undercover to bring out the truth about this menace.

The matter got more serious, when it was revealed that the Lecturer involved was a PASTOR!!!!! Yes, you heard me ooo.. It is well!!!

Lol... Don't Mind me, there are still some funny matters to settle ooooohhh....

I will show you some funny tweets about the trending hashtag

Mehnnnnnn, The matter everywhere...

I also need to say that Nigerian Artistes are really talented, one very Talented one also jumped on the topic and dropped a very funny and hilarious song with a video which also speaks of various matters...


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