Samsung A31 vs Samsung A51

Today. I will be comparing the Samsung A31 and the Samsung A51, and it is going to be an exciting journey... Stay Calm, stay chilled and READ!

For the price, the Samsung A31 is the cheaper device, and as at the time of publishing, it cost about #102,000, and the Samsung A51 cost #128,000, mehn there is a whooping difference right??? - a difference of #26,000 between the two.

Now, let's start with the Build quality - Both phones have plastic or glastic at the rear but at the front, the Samsung A51 has a corning gorilla glass 3 for a bit of protection while the Samsung A31 has glass at the front.- however, don't be deceived with the corning gorilla glass in the Samsung A51, because if both phones fall down faced down, hmmmmmm you know what will happen.

Both phones have volume and power button at the right, they both have a noise-cancelling mic at the top, dual sim tray with memory card slot, a 3.5mm jack.

The camera arrangement at the rear is identical but with the exception of the LED flashlight of course,

For, the build quality, there is virtually almost the same thing - the only difference is just the corning gorilla glass embedded in the Samsung A51.

For, the display, the display is equally the same - they both come with a Super AMOLED panel - the only difference is that the Samsung A51 is slightly bigger because it comes with a 6.5-inch display, while the Samsung A31 comes with a 6.4-inch display., both smartphones come with the optical fingerprint scanner on the display and they work exactly the way - So, for the display too, there's no real special difference between the two.

Lets talk of the performance now, Samsung A31 comes with a MediaTek hello p65 chipset, while the Samsung A51 comes with an Exynos 9611 chipset.

Talking of Camera, the Samsung A31 comes with a 20MP front-facing camera, while the Samsung A51 has a 32MP front-facing camera - Obviously, the Samsung A51 has the better front-facing camera, for the rear camera, both phones have 48MP main camera and the pictures would look very similar. Unfortunately, Samsung A31 doesn't have night mode, but the Samsung A51 has it, moving to the wide-angle lens: the Samsung A51 has a 12MP camera, while the Samsung A31 has an 8MP Camera, at first glance they may look identical, but when you ZOOM - you will see that the Samsung A51 Camera is better. Both smartphones come with  5MP depth.

The Samsung A51 gas to win it for CAMERA!!!

For the battery, the Samsung A31 comes with a 5000mAh battery while the Samsung A51 comes with a 4000mAh battery - both phones can 'fast charging' and they both come with a 15W Charger, so obviously, the Samsung A31 has it for the battery

In summary, for the display in the Samsung A51, you will get a bigger display level, and also with the Samsung A31, you will still get the same gorgeous display as it is with the Samsung A51 display.

With the Samsung A31(Cheaper price), you will still get all that is in the Samsung A51 except for the Camera, and it's not as if the Samsung A31 camera is bad - NO! but A51 is better in-camera level, but A31 defeats A51 in battery level, so if you are looking for a phone with a cheaper price and features as much as A51 - I think you should consider going for the Samsung A31.

Thank you for reading!!!!

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