'Talks with Kola Oyewole' - Fraudulence: Scam, internet fraudster and other related crime activities and its effect on the society and Nigeria at large

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I welcome you to another special edition of 'Talks with Kola Oyewole' - and today, I will be discussing on a special and important topic that has been trending for a while, so as always, I will like to air my opinion on this matter.

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Fraudulence, Fraudulence, Fraudulence is the act of intending to deceive by doing something dishonest and illegal.

Fraudulence is the action or quality of cheating, lying, or deceiving someone.

This is something that is very common in Nigeria and in fact, some innocent and hardworking Nigerians have run at a loss due to this act of fraudulence perpetrated by some people

Most youths are now engaging in fraudulence and they keep making big money, that it becomes almost impossible for them to want to leave the act.

Many people are engaging in various kinds of fraudulence acts.

I will list a bit of them below:


1. Internet Fraud

 This is very very common in Nigeria today and amidst youths that an average youth wants to start internet fraud,.

Internet fraud is a type of cybercrime fraud or deception which makes use of the Internet and could involve hiding of information or providing incorrect information for the purpose of tricking victims out of money, property, and inheritance.

The bitter truth about internet fraud is that some of the people that engage in it joined because of peer pressure and the urge to live up to the standards of your peers and friends.

Internet fraud causes a lot of emotional trauma, sickness, and even death to the victims as some of them might end up losing even there life savings to this. So sad!. The fraudsters don't care sadly.

2. Physical Fraud

Oh My God, this one is very funny... Some people would just come up to you, advertise a product or service that never exist - well there would be so composed that you won't even know it doesn't exist, and make you pay to benefit from the service, many a time, the service would seem very nice and would seem like a big opportunity, sometimes, you begin to wonder that if these people had channeled this same strength of marketing into something legit, they might have been millionaires by now.

They even go as far as having fake letterheads, print fake ID- Cards, and have a fake addresses, just to get what they want.

Trust me, it would appear too true, but might not be true.

3. Banking details Fraud

This is also common in Nigeria, someone can just call you, tell you the name of your bank, even your full name and some other information and just require one single information from you, if you should give the fellow, you have fallen prey and they can easily move money out of your account.

Some would send a text message with a lot of lies just to deceive you, once you drop any detail to them, no matter how small you have fallen prey.

4. Fake alert fraud

 Well, this is also common and more common in big supermarkets, where one comes in to get something and wants to pay via transfer and then shows the store owner/accountant a fake debit alert from the fellow's phone.

The debit alert would appear too true, that you would be left with no choice than to believe them.

There is a lot of fraud that I'd love to talk about, but I wouldn't want to bore you with much talk.


Moving forward...



Well, inasmuch as this fraudsters rejoice and celebrate when they succeed, there are always effect this act is having on our society and country at large.

I will write on a few very briefly.

1. Bad image of the country and its citizenry to the international world

Yes, bad image of the country and its citizenry to the international world, this simply implies that the international world begins to have a bad feeling about our country (Nigeria), in the sense that they wouldn't want to transact with Nigerians, offer Nigerians remote Job, offer VISA to Nigerians amidst others.

I will explain with some practical examples.

A friend registered as a freelancer on Upwork, and he had enough certification needed and he updated his profile and applied for a remote job.

He was contacted and interviewed and passed accordingly, BUT he wasn't offered the job because he was a Nigerian - and it is believed or the bad image has been created that we are all scams

What a sad story, he could have gotten the job, but because he was a Nigerian, he has declined the opportunity.

Well, I am not surprised, even Trojan made a tweet on twitter saying - 'we hire remotely, but the moment you find out a candidate is from Nigeria, you suddenly back out'.

This and more has brought frustration to hardworking Nigerians and especially Youths who keep losing opportunities for the offence they did not commit... How sad...

2. Emotional trauma and pains to the victim

Yes, the victims are usually very down and some never recover from the experience all there lives.

Imagine, someone coming to take all you have worked for, How would you feel???

The victims suffer trauma that lasts a very long time.

I watched a video a year ago,  where a white man was crying bitterly and begging a particular fraudster to return his money, please.... I couldn't watch the video twice.

Let me show you

Can you see that...!? Very sad indeed

3. Expensive Living

Well, as expected someone whose source of income is fraudulent would most likely live expensively, buy the latest rides, use the latest phones and do all sorts of things on social media.

Well, the reason is not far fetched, they didn't work for the money, so they can spend anyhow.

4. Over-expectation from ladies 

Yes, over-expectation from ladies, an average lady who has had a relationship with an internet fraudster and he has showered her with lots of money and the material thing now leaves that person and meets a random guy who is working hard for his money.

This is where over-expectation comes in, the lady would be expecting more from the guy, but sadly he can't give more, because he is living within his income and that is where the problem starts from.

Popular Lecturer, Dr. Dipo weighed into the discussion yesterday where he addressed the issue of Nigerian girls going after guys who are into fraud because of what they'd get from them instead of going with a hardworking person who is working hard for his money.


The tweet got a lot of engagement that even the name used in the illustration 'Tosin' was trending yesterday...

IN CONCLUSION, because I will like to stop here for now...


If one puts his/her self in the shoes of the victims that are scammed, one would detest from doing that and most importantly an adage says that - 'Everyday is for the thief, but just one day is for the owner'

Thank you.

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'Talks with Kola Oyewole' - Fraudulence: Scam, internet fraudster and other related crime activities and its effect on the society and Nigeria at large 'Talks with Kola Oyewole' - Fraudulence: Scam, internet fraudster and other related crime activities and its effect on the society and Nigeria at large Reviewed by Kola Oyewole on June 11, 2020 Rating: 5


  1. This is very Lovely my son keep it up

  2. Good one. thank you for enriching us with this piece

  3. This reminds me of how someone who scammed me 12K and 2 phones all in the name of advertising for 9mobile...this is so sad

  4. Yea the conclusion got to me which is, if we can put ourselves in the position of the victims we would detest been part or encouraging fraudulent activities


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