Five (5) Things To Avoid Doing On The Internet

Below are five (5) things  you should stop doing on the internet:

Synchronizing All Your Social Media Accounts Online

Synchronizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in such a way that when you make an update on Facebook it automatically sends it to other social networks isn’t right at all. It sounds great in theory, but it is awful in real life. What you need to understand is that every social network is different. What works on Facebook, doesn’t work on Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram.

Using One Or Weak Passwords

I agree that not many people can remember all of their passwords. So they find one good, strong password that they use for absolutely everything. It is absolutely wrong to use the same password for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, etc. You need to have more than one password. In fact, you need at least three to five different passwords that you use for different internet accounts.

Also for weak passwords, o you know that a lot of us use easy to guess password? How can you use 123456 as your password or 7654321… This can make any dummy easily guess your password and hack into your account. Even using your date of birth as the password is not correct.

A good password should comprise of Letters, numbers symbols, etc. e.g M4_09!... Let your password be strong enough that no demon on earth will be able to guess it.

Being Careless With Your Login Details

Being careless with your login details is totally bad, it is called login details because it is exclusive to you, it belongs to you and nobody else, not even your wife or your boyfriend should have access to your login details. That way, your information is secured when it is exclusively known to you alone.

Another way of being careless with your login details is storing your login details on public computers or personal computers; Some of us still make use of the Café and even store our login details on the used browser which is absolutely not right. Even storing your login details on your own personal computer is not right because somehow, someday someone might have access to it.

Revealing Your Email Address Or Phone Number In A Comment Box Or Anywhere Online

I have stopped this long ago and ensure that every email that has ever been published on this blog was deleted. Never leave your email address on any blog post, Facebook or any platform that exposes it to the public, it is not safe, also in revealing your phone number online, a lot of people are guilty of this, post their phone numbers on Facebook, so that anyone can just check on you, PM you or WhatsApp you. Be smart about it and be wise about it.

Avoid Links In Email

Criminals love clickable links in emails. They absolutely love them. Yes, they are a good idea in theory. But sometimes, theory and real-life do not work in the same way. Clicking on a link in your email might take you to a website with malicious software, if possible do not download any attachment you don’t know anything in your email, they can use it to hack into your account.

In conclusion, its important you keep your privacy private online before the public will make your privacy public.

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