Interview Tips from top Human Resources Head

The head, Human Resources at Globacom decided to share some interview tips that will help your career and I thought it good to share with you.

In his post on Linkedln, He shared some important interview tips.

There are:

1. See the interview session as a career conversation only, it will reduce the anxiety level.

2. Ask for the job description, not every time, pay.

3. Be familiar with the job description, its your weapon of mass destruction against the 'enemies'.

4. Do some homework around the organization, the industry sector, the role, ownership, management, talent management, philosophy.

5. Tidy your communication; English is still our official language. The noun-Verb agreement is major.

6. Let your responses be succinct and concise; remember the KISS approach - Keep it short and simple. When words are too much, pitfalls are lurking.

7. Do not come across as laid back or passive, everyone wants to work with people with a glint in the eyes and fire in the belly.

8. Avoid interrupting your 'hosts', active listening is a great skill, interrupting or interjecting may give an indication of impatience.

9. Ask Intelligent questions: It is your moment to own the stage. Go macro, then micro, the financials, the projections, impact of COVID-19 on the business.

Be the standard against which other candidates are measured.

As with physical interviews, so with online sessions.

All the best...

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