Tips and Tricks for charging your smartphone battery correctly and appropriately

In this century, a lot of us use a smartphone, we are mostly concerned about the smartphone and we pay less attention to the charging aspect even though it is equally important.

Battery health is a very important part of your overall mobile phone experience.

Nobody wants to run out of power in the middle of a conversation or watching a movie or when you are playing PUBG like me - that’s why we do all we can to keep our phones charged up every chance we get.

However, these and some other bad charging habits can kill our phone batteries over time. If you’re curious about how to charge your phone to save the battery, jump right in!

How Does Your Phone Battery Store Its Charge?

Mobile phone batteries belong to a class of batteries known as “Li-ion batteries.” Phone batteries are rechargeable batteries that use a chemical element called Lithium.

Each battery has a number of cells with positive and negative terminals and a chemical solution. Plugging your phone in causes a chemical reaction inside the battery that stores charges in the form of chemical energy.

Factors That Affect the Durability of Mobile Phone Batteries

The life of your phone battery is already determined before you buy your phone. However, your phone habits can lengthen or shorten the life of your phone battery.

Here are some important factors that affect battery life:

Charge/discharge cycles

Phone batteries usually have a specific number of charge/discharge cycles intended so you won’t need to replace them often.

When you use your phone, the battery releases the stored charge in the form of electricity to power various components, e.g., the screen and speaker.

Usually, a phone’s battery life doesn’t stay the same throughout the life of the phone; it declines slowly.

Chemical reactions cause the lithium inside it the battery to decline with the natural charge/discharge cycles.


The number one enemy of your phone battery is extremes in temperatures.

Charging your phone in a very hot place is just as harmful as charging it in biting cold. - I'm sure you might not know this.

If you regularly use a mobile phone, you’ll probably have observed that the battery runs down much faster when it’s hot.

When phone batteries get too hot, they tend to swell and could even explode! Also, charging your phone in a very cold environment can cause it to charge very slowly. Cold charging also makes batteries lose capacity over time.


Another thing to consider is the type of charger you use - Don't buy fake chargers!!! Today, there are a lot of chargers available on the market that promise to charge your phone faster. Don’t fall for it!

Using the wrong charger will deliver lower or excess voltage to your phone that can damage your battery.

Phone batteries are meant to charge at a specific rate to preserve the battery and prevent excessive heat.

Use only chargers recommended by your phone maker to extend the life of your phone battery. Alternatively, you can use third-party chargers that are certified by your phone manufacturer.

Red Flags to take note of when charging

To learn how to charge your phone to save the battery, you should also know how NOT to charge your phone. The following are some common charging habits that kill phone batteries over time.

1. Using your phone while charging it

Almost everybody does this, By using your phone while charging, power is drawn to operate the screen and other components and can also lead to overheating.

This reduces the life of the battery over time. The competition between phone usage and battery charger supplying charges causes your battery to overheat which will damage it.

2. Allowing your phone to drop to zero before charging

Unless you plan to replace your phone battery every six months, never allow your phone to die before charging it.

According to Battery University, letting your phone battery drain before charging it will shorten its life. Your phone battery lasts longer when it is maintained in 30% to 80% capacity.

3. Overcharging your phone

Overcharging is one of the most common causes of shortening the life of batteries. Simply put, overcharging your phone means keeping it plugged in more time than necessary.

If you’re the type that loves to have your phone plugged in at all times, you should know that it damages your battery.

Keeping your phone plugged for long periods causes the temperature of the battery to rise, which causes internal stresses that affect its durability.

THANK YOU!!! - Now, tell yourself you will start following this rules to have a better battery.

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