Tips and Tricks to make your Infinix Note 7 a better smartphone

So, I will be running you through some tips and tricks to make your Infinix Note 7 a better device and that smartphone you have ever wanted.

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As, I have told you earlier in previous write-ups that if you are in the market for an affordable, budget smartphone - Infinix Note 7 should be an option to consider.

Recall that I told you the Price is about N78,000 with a processor MediaTek Helio G70 with a beautifully built 5000mAh battery, also comes with a massive 6.95 inch HD Display.

Infinix Note 7 comes with a Cast feature

The infinix note 7 has the ability and capability to share its display with a monitor or a laptop while asleep - tho there must be a second lag - this feature is very useful while trying to use your smartphone for a presentation or you want to use it to run a game, watch Netflix from your phone on a bigger display - You Love that right...?

SO, ensure you try out the cast feature, its relatively beautiful.

Live Transcribe

This is used to convert speech to text. This is a very interesting feature, it can also add punctuation marks to your sentence. It is a very nice feature on the Infinix Note 7, for it to work effectively, you will need an active internet connection.

48MP Camera Mode

The Infinix Note 7 comes with a very nice camera, but to take better pictures, you can activate the 48MP shooter - more details, larger file etc.

Video Stabilization

The Infinix Note 7 comes with front and rear video stabilization - Video stabilization implies that if you are trying to make a video, no matter how unstable/shaky your hands are, the video would be forced to remain stable.. To activate it, press on the button(middle) at the top when you open your video.


Gestures are shortcut or faster way to interact with your phone and the Infinix Note 7 comes with beautiful gestures - For example, there is 'tap to wake gesture' when you do this, the phone comes up immediately and lots more... Go under settings and search for actions and gestures to activate this.

Game mode

Here, you are allowed to screen record your game - and even while running the game, you can multitask, EG for me that' loves Whatsapp too much. I can still run my game simultaneously.

Whatsapp Mode

This feature restrict your data and lets only Whatsapp make use of your data - Omo, its one of my best feature especially when I am low on data.

Peek Mode

Girls will like this one, this feature allows you to read WhatsApp messages without the sender being aware that you have read - is this not beautiful? It really is!

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